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What is Faith Based Investing?

Faith Based Investing aims to align an investor’s desire for long-term investment returns with their deeply held, faith-informed values. This can involve investing in faith-based funds or working with faith-based advisors.

We have a very specific approach to caring for clients’ investment portfolios, which consists of the following overall steps:

Risk Assessment

This step essentially consists of learning as much as we can about the client to determine what kind of risk they can subjectively withstand and what kind of risk they objectively should take on.

Developing forward looking risk, return and correlation assumptions for the different asset classes

In order to build appropriate asset allocation for the amount of risk with which the client is comfortable, an investment manager needs to make assumptions on how the various asset classes will perform in the future. Believing it is important to have an objective, outside source to provide these assumptions so as not to infect that part of the process with bias, we rely on a highly respected, objective, outside source to provide those capital market assumptions.

Optimize the asset allocation and build efficient portfolios from the selected asset classes

Using “mean variance optimization”, after assessing risk and plugging in the capital market assumptions, we will find the allocations that should optimize the expected return at the client’s risk level.

Search for and hire quality managers that compensate investors for the risk taken and construct client’s portfolios

Using the wide variety of tools at our disposal, we research the universe of fund managers and other investment vehicles to find the right investments for each portion of what we believe are a client asset allocation.

Continuously monitor the elements of the process to ensure that we are providing a high-quality program

This is where having a highly professional and credentialed investment committee really shines. We have all learned in various environments, but we have also been highly trained in investment processes at places such as the CFA Institute, the CFP Board and others. We test our processes against the results they create. We also review our processes against industry best practices. The goal is a process that creates and maintains portfolios that should serve you well.

Investment committee

The Stonecrop Wealth Advisors investment committee is a team of four experienced and highly-qualified professionals. Their expertise will be greatly enhanced by the fact this group is highly educated and formally trained in the specific discipline of asset allocation and portfolio construction.

The investment committee is headed by Douglas MacGray. Stonecrop Wealth Advisors has two individuals from another firm, Chadds Ford Wealth Partners, whom we have engaged to be on our investment committee. Those two individuals are Christopher R. Madel, CFA, W. Christoper Kreiker, CFA. Rounding out the committee is Logan D. MacGray, CFA.

Having the perspective and input of three Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA®) is a tremendous benefit to our process. The CFA® designation is very difficult to earn. A successful candidate must pass three levels of exams. Fewer than one in five candidates become a CFA® charter holder and it takes an average of just over one thousand hours of study along with other requirements to complete the program and earn the designation. In the investment industry, it is the professional standard of choice. To learn more about the CFA® charter, visit www.cfainstitute.org.

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