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Stonecrop Serves Non-Profit Institutions

Is your investment strategy an extension of your mission?

Do you have confidence your long-term investments will support your organization’s goals? Because of our expertise in this space, we have a pretty good idea of the daily challenges you face.

We find working with non-profit organizations incredibly rewarding. Many small to mid-sized entities are underserved or may feel like they don’t get the attention they deserve. With decades of experience serving non-profits, we’re suited to ensure proper care with an institution’s endowment, long-term strategy, financial governance, planning, reporting and more.

Stonecrop’s founder, Douglas MacGray, has served a variety of non-profit institutions, managing their endowments and other asset pools, as well as governance and financial structure. He utilizes his legal and non-profit background to assist these institutions in properly governing themselves as they manage their investment portfolios.

The challenge

Many non-profit institutions in the so-called “small” market (from start-up to upwards of $100 million) struggle to adequately manage their portfolios, whether endowments or other pools of money.

Often these institutions have not yet created a fully effective investment committee on its board.

These institutions typically get a confusing array of information that does not adequately allow them to fulfill their fiduciary duty to the institution to oversee and steward these funds.

In addition, these institutions are often served with less attention than they deserved because of their status as “small”. We were once asked at a proposal meeting by the board chair of an institution with over $100 million, “Is our account large enough to keep your attention, because our current provider keeps changing advisors on us and we have a hard time getting a return call.” To our initial surprise, we have found this to be a common issue.

The outcome

Non-profit institutions should have an investment advisor who can do three things:

Expertly guide an investment committee to create and/or follow appropriate procedures, implement and utilize a well-crafted investment policy statement, educate those on the committee not as sophisticated about investments, and be an overall resource for such committee and the larger boards they serve.

Simplify and appropriately present performance information to the investment committee to arm it with the information it needs to properly steward the portfolio.

Provide the appropriate level of service to the “small” portfolio, treating it with the importance that managing hard-earned donations used to support a significant mission deserves.

How we work with you


If an institution does not have an investment committee, we consult with the organization leadership to help them create one. If the institution has a well-functioning committee, we work to make sure their investment policy is up-to-date. If it needs updating or does not exist, we work with the investment committee to draft an investment policy statement—for their review and ultimate approval—which will guide the committee as they fulfill their fiduciary duties to the institution.

We believe if the board or investment committee need any other assistance in setting up or adjusting its governance or oversight procedures, we can consult and assist. A well-crafted investment policy statement, like a financial plan for an individual or family, is the foundation on which the successful fiduciary stewardship of a portfolio thrives. We believe the management of the portfolio needs to be connected to the fulfillment of the mission of the organization, and Stonecrop Wealth Advisors assists the investment committee in this task.


We consult with institutions to create a custom performance-reporting system designed to meet the needs of the particular characteristics of each institution’s investment committee. We seek to provide all the information necessary in a manner that quickly allows committee members to assess the condition and performance of the portfolio.


We are absolutely committed to the non-profit market. We seek to help mission-driven organizations, and we have a passion for being a small part in helping such organizations fulfill their mission. Our clients start as small as $100,000 up to approximately $100 million. These clients get continuity of advisor and service team, quick response, and service to match the needs of the institution.

Our experience benefits you

Portfolios are managed using a sophisticated asset allocation approach, led by an investment committee consisting of highly expert, highly credentialed, and highly motivated individuals, using the most advanced tools available on the market today.

Doug MacGray leads the institutional work at Stonecrop Wealth Advisors. Doug started his career working overseas for a non-profit organization, teaching in a school in Micronesia. Thereafter, went to law school, and practiced law for a dozen years. In addition to estate planning, Doug practiced in the area of corporate law, including non-profit law, forming and representing scores of non-profit organizations.

Doug has served on several boards including his current role as a member of the board of trustees for an institution of higher learning.

Among its clients, Stonecrop Wealth Advisors serves universities, seminaries, foundations, senior living communities, community service organizations, churches and many other non-profits.

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