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Do good.

We all have unique opportunities to do good.

As people with some measure of wealth, our clients have the ability to use that wealth to take care of themselves, their families and their communities. 

For our non-profit institutional clients, they measure their daily activities by how well they achieve their exemplary missions.

We do good by helping those who wish to do more with their wealth. We help our clients define their objectives, identify the right path, and navigate past the obstacles in order to find a more prosperous future. By doing this effectively, all who benefit from our clients’ doing well—including our clients themselves—do better. This is how we get to do good every day.

Surround yourself with a team dedicated to doing good.

At Stonecrop Wealth Advisors, we have a highly qualified and motivated team to serve you.

The mission of Stonecrop Wealth Advisors is accomplished by team members who share common values, work ethic and attitude. We are inspired every day to do this work.

  • In our hearts we want our clients to grow and prosper.  We hurt when our clients hurt and experience joy when our clients flourish.
  • Mission motivates us, not money.  We seek new clients because we believe these people will benefit from what we do, and how we do it. 
  • We listen to clients. Our ears are more active than our mouths. 
  • We educate and empower clients so that they can better control and utilize their financial resources, be more sure of the role money plays in their lives, and reduce the anxiety that comes with wealth.
  • We have a passion for enhancing the ability of our clients to be generous toward their families and communities.

Our daily work has meaning because the good that can come from doing our work well is bigger than, and longer lasting than, any one of us.

Douglas R. MacGray, J.D., CFP® Photo

Douglas R. MacGray, J.D., CFP®

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Doug founded Stonecrop Wealth Advisors. His primary roles at the firm are to lead the organization, chair the investment committee, and be the primary advisor for scores of clients.

Doug’s first taste of financial counseling occurred when practiced law practice and his primary area of law was estate planning.  He often worked side-by-side with clients’ financial advisors in creating plans.  

His wealth management experience extends over twenty years with deep expertise in portfolio management for endowments, non-profit institutions, and families. He has created three separate Registered Investment Advisor firms, putting in place investment platforms, investment policy statements, and investment review processes. He has been a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) practitioner for twenty years. The CFP® is recognized for its (1) high standard of professional education; (2) stringent code of conduct and standards of practice; and (3) ethical requirements that govern professional engagements with clients.  Additional information regarding the CFP® is available at http://www.cfp.net/default.asp.

Prior to founding Stonecrop Wealth Advisors, Doug was a founding owner, Senior Vice President, and Chief Institutional Advisor of Compass Ion Advisors where he worked for over thirteen years. He has led his firm's financial planning services and institutional investment services for over ten years. 

Before working with Compass Ion Advisors, Doug was the founder and branch manager of Andesa Investment Solutions for six years. Doug formed that entity and created the firm’s investment platform, compliance program, and investment processes.

In 2005, Doug received the designation of Investment Management Consultant from the Raymond James Institute of Investment Management Consulting. In 2006 he passed the General Securities Representative Exam, or Series 7, administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Doug is a licensed attorney (but not currently practicing). Doug practiced law in the State of Delaware for over ten years where he concentrated his practice on estate planning and business law with a focus on non-profit institutions. In addition, he has served as a board member, and specifically as a member and leader of investment committees, on a variety of non-profit boards for many years. 

Doug graduated cum laude, in the top 3% of his class, from Suffolk University Law School. He obtained his B.A. from Gordon College. He has been published on a number of occasions including two recent articles in In Trust magazine. For the last fifteen years he has written and published a weekly financial and investment planning newsletter.

Prior to his legal and financial career, Doug taught at a Christian boy’s boarding school in the Republic of Palau. Doug currently serves on the Board of Trustees of Missio Seminary and in the past, he has served on a variety of non-profit boards including Wilmington Christian School, YMCA of Bear, Delaware, Victim Offender Reconciliation Program of Delaware, Inc., and Sojourners’ Place, a homeless ministry in Delaware. 


Cassandra Queen Photo

Cassandra Queen

Financial Planning Director
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Cassandra is our Financial Planning Director with 13 years in the financial industry with the last 4 focused on financial planning. She has been working with Doug for ten years serving families and institutions. She is currently studying for the Certified Financial Planner designation with The American College.

Prior to joining Stonecrop, she was an associate financial advisor with Compass Ion Advisors. In this role she was able to define the financial planning needs of various clients and advisors, develop strategic service models and planning process that offered efficiency in client reports and internal benchmarks, and help other associate financial advisors create best practices amongst their teams.  While at Compass Ion Cassandra passed FINRA Series 65 in 2018. She joined Compass Ion in 2010 as a Client Service Representative focusing on the administration of client accounts and daily client needs across the firm. As the firm grew, she helped manage the consolidation of custodians used by Compass Ion with great detail and created best administrative practices still in place today.

Prior to Compass Ion Advisors, Cassandra was the direct assistant to the President of a Complete Investment Management and oversaw day to day operation clients including account administration, reporting, presentations and trading. She began her career at Morgan Stanley as an intern managing prospecting strategy and dove feet first into the Morgan Stanley training program where she obtained her FINRA Series 7 and 63 licenses.

Cassandra obtained her B.S. in Business Administration and Finance with a minor in Education from La Salle University.


Logan D. MacGray Photo

Logan D. MacGray

Investment Director
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Logan is Investment Director at Stonecrop Wealth Advisors. He has a decade of investment industry experience. He is a Level III Candidate for the CFA® Program. Prior to joining Stonecrop, Logan led all of the internal administrative and research functions for the investment committee at Compass Ion Advisors. He provided the committee with all of the analytical data and research to assist the investment committee in its decision making. He was also responsible for reporting to the committee all of the company’s performance data as well as performance for funds held by the company’s clients. He performed quantitative and qualitative research of fund managers.  Additionally, he served over one hundred clients in analyzing and reporting their individual performance, including the performance of virtually all of the company’s institutional clients.

Prior to his time at Compass Ion, Logan worked at Schreiner Capital Management where he was a voting member of the firm’s investment committee, provided research and analytical duties for that committee, performed trading functions, analyzed portfolio performance analysis and reports. 

Logan also has experience at State Street bank where he worked as a pricing specialist for their mutual fund department.

Logan obtained his B.A. in Finance and Business Administration from Gordon College.


Chad Carr Photo

Chad Carr

Business Development Officer
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Chad began working for Stonecrop Wealth Advisors in June 2020.  His primary roles are developing new client relationships for the firm and assisting with overall business development. He also lends his considerable workflow process expertise to Stonecrop Wealth Advisors.

Chad obtained a bachelor of science degree from Penn State University in chemical engineering. He has a Masters’ degree in Business Administration from Wilmington University. He also received the Project Management Professional certification from the Project Management Institute. He enjoyed a successful career working in the corporate world before deciding he wanted a change.

Chad and his wife have been clients of the team at Stonecrop for many years. Having experienced the positive impact of the services for himself and his family, he decided that he wanted to change his career and work as a financial advisor, a designation he is currently working to obtain.


Simplify your financial wellbeing and do more.

The challenge

Money is complex, confusing and incites strong emotions. This creates a foggy and challenging decision-making setting for the management of assets that are critical to your security and joy. The result is often anxiety, procrastination and sub-optimal choices and behaviors.

The outcome

Stonecrop objectively provides a voice to:

  1. Clarify and simplify what it takes to achieve your aspirations, and 
  2. Provide effective coaching and facilitating to get you there.

Our process

You collaborate with us in the creation of a financial plan which acts as the solid foundation for your path moving forward. Leaning on your plan, your decision-making is simplified and you gain greater clarity in how to achieve your goals.

You use tools we provide that allow you to more easily track how you’re doing so that in real time you can effectively adjust your behavior, habits and decisions accordingly.

We walk alongside you on your journey helping you to keep your financial plan up-to-date and relevant, execute the various matters that need to be done to achieve your goals, and manage and guide your portfolio to effectively support your financial plan.

Non-profits are a Stonecrop sweet spot.

Is your investment strategy an extension of your mission? Do you have confidence your long-term investments will support your organization’s goals? Because of our expertise in this space, we have a pretty good idea of the daily challenges you face.

We find working with non-profit organizations incredibly rewarding. Many small to mid-sized entities are underserved or may feel like they don’t get the attention they deserve. With decades of experience serving non-profits, we’re perfectly suited to ensure proper care with an institution’s endowment, long-term strategy, financial governance, planning, reporting and more.

Stonecrop’s founder, Douglas MacGray, has served a variety of non-profit institutions, managing their endowments and other asset pools, as well as governance and financial structure. He utilizes his legal and non-profit background to assist these institutions in properly governing themselves as they manage their investment portfolios.

The challenge

Many non-profit institutions in the so-called “small” market (from start-up to upwards of $100 million) struggle to adequately manage their portfolios, whether endowments or other pools of money. 

Often these institutions have not yet created a fully effective investment committee on its board. 

These institutions typically get a confusing array of information that does not adequately allow them to fulfill their fiduciary duty to the institution to oversee and steward these funds.

In addition, these institutions are often served with less attention than they deserved because of their status as “small”.  We were once asked at a proposal meeting by the board chair of an institution with over $100 million, “Is our account large enough to keep your attention, because our current provider keeps changing advisors on us and we have a hard time getting a return call.”  To our initial surprise, we have found this to be a common issue. 

The outcome

Non-profit institutions need an investment advisor who can do three things:

  1. Expertly guide an investment committee to create and/or follow appropriate procedures, implement and utilize a well-crafted investment policy statement, educate those on the committee not as sophisticated about investments, and be an overall resource for such committee and the larger boards they serve.
  2. Simplify and appropriately present performance information to the investment committee to arm it with the information it needs to properly steward the portfolio.
  3. Provide the appropriate level of service to the “small” portfolio, treating it with the importance that managing hard-earned donations used to support a significant mission deserves.

How we work with you

consulting with the investment committee

If an institution does not have an investment committee, we consult with the organization leadership to help them create one.  If the institution has a well-functioning committee, we work to make sure their investment policy is up-to-date. If it needs updating or does not exist, we work with the investment committee to draft an investment policy statement—for their review and ultimate approval—which will guide the committee as they fulfill their fiduciary duties to the institution. 

If the board or investment committee need any other assistance in setting up or adjusting its governance or oversight procedures, we can consult and assist.  A well-crafted investment policy statement, like a financial plan for an individual or family, is the foundation on which the successful fiduciary stewardship of a portfolio thrives. The management of the portfolio needs to be connected to the fulfillment of the mission of the organization, and Stonecrop Wealth Advisors assists the investment committee in this task.

Customized, effective performance reporting

We consult with  institutions to create a custom performance-reporting system designed to meet the needs of the particular characteristics of each institution’s investment committee. We seek to provide all the information necessary in a manner that quickly allows committee members to assess the condition and performance of the portfolio.

Our service commitment

We are absolutely committed to the non-profit market. We seek to help mission-driven organizations, and we have a passion for being a small part in helping such organizations fulfill their mission. Our clients start as small as $100,000 up to approximately $100 million. These clients get continuity of advisor and service team, quick response, and service to match the needs of the institution.

Our experience benefits you

Portfolios are managed using a sophisticated asset allocation approach, led by an investment committee consisting of highly expert, highly credentialed, and highly motivated individuals, using the most advanced tools available on the market today.

Doug MacGray leads the institutional work at Stonecrop Wealth Advisors. Doug started his career working overseas for a non-profit organization, teaching in a school in Micronesia. Thereafter, went to law school, and practiced law for a dozen years. In addition to estate planning, Doug practiced in the area of corporate law, including non-profit law, forming and representing scores of non-profit organizations.

Doug has served on several boards including his current role as a member of the board of trustees for an institution of higher learning.

Among its clients, Stonecrop Wealth Advisors serves universities, seminaries, foundations, senior living communities, community service organizations, churches and many other non-profits.

We start with the end in mind.

Whether you are an individual or part of a family, or are a leader at an institution, your wealth needs to be managed with the end in mind. What are your goals? Your wealth is the means, but to what ends?

Our processes are designed to allow you the best opportunity to communicate and discuss your overall situation so that together we can learn and articulate to each other your objectives, both short term and long term.

For individuals and families, we articulate this back to you with a financial plan. This plan will clearly define your objectives, identify your resources (time, talent and treasure), project the trajectory of your resources, and recommend a path to reach and/or surpass your objectives.

For institutions, we generally articulate this back to you with an investment policy statement, which is commonly supplemented with projections and cash flow analyses. This statement will communicate back to the institution the objectives for the institution’s portfolio(s), and create a path to heighten the ability of the institution to reach those objectives.

Using steppingstones to reach milestones

Once we have the end in mind, we identify the short-term goals you must meet in order to be on the right path to your long-term objectives. If you consistently meet or exceed those steppingstones, you will then gain confidence that your long-term goals are reachable, and not just aspirations.

We are comprehensive

Our financial plans generally review:

  • Your current financial situation including your goals, assets and debts, and cash flow
  • Wealth accumulation planning, including investment management
  • Protection of your wealth
  • Retirement planning
  • Planning for other goals (other than retirement) planning such as college funding, debt elimination, large purchase (first or second home, etc.)
  • Estate planning

Institutional approach to investment management

We serve many institutional clients. Our individual clients receive the benefit of working with advisors who consistently report to investment committees of these institutions. This means that the sophistication, discipline, and accountability required to meet the needs of these institutions are applied to all we do with our individual and family clients. This level of attention benefits all our clients.

Consistent guidance down a familiar path.

We have a very specific approach to caring for clients’ investment portfolios, which consists of the following overall steps:

Risk Assessment. This step essentially consists of learning as much as we can about the client to determine what kind of risk they can subjectively withstand and what kind of risk they objectively should take on.

Developing forward looking risk, return and correlation assumptions for the different asset classes. In order to build appropriate asset allocation for the amount of risk with which the client is comfortable, an investment manager needs to make assumptions on how the various asset classes will perform in the future. Believing it is important to have an objective, outside source to provide these assumptions so as not to infect that part of the process with bias, we rely on a highly respected, objective, outside source to provide those capital market assumptions.

Optimize the asset allocation and build efficient portfolios from the selected asset classes. Using "mean variance optimization", after assessing risk and plugging in the capital market assumptions, we will find the allocations that optimize the expected return at the client's risk level.

Search for and hire quality managers that compensate investors for the risk taken and construct client's portfolios. Using the wide variety of tools at our disposal, we research the universe of fund managers and other investment vehicles to find the right investments for each portion of a client asset allocation.

Continuously monitor the elements of the process to ensure that we are providing a high-quality program. This is where having a highly professional and credentialed investment committee really shines. We have all learned in various environments, but we have also been highly trained in investment processes at places such as the CFA Institute, the CFP Board and others. We test our processes against the results they create. We also review our processes against industry best practices. The goal is a process that creates and maintains portfolios that serve you well.

Investment committee

The Stonecrop Wealth Advisors investment committee is a team of four experienced and highly-qualified professionals. Their expertise will be greatly enhanced by the fact this group is highly educated and formally trained in the specific discipline of asset allocation and portfolio construction.

The investment committee is headed by Douglas MacGray. Stonecrop Wealth Advisors has two individuals from another firm, Chadds Ford Wealth Partners, whom we have engaged to be on our investment committee. Those two individuals are Christopher R. Madel, CFA®, W. Christoper Kreiker, CFA®. Rounding out the committee is  Logan D. MacGray.

Having the perspective and input of two Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA®) is a tremendous benefit to our process. The CFA® designation is very difficult to earn. A successful candidate must pass three levels of exams. Fewer than one in five candidates become a CFA® charter holder and it takes an average of just over one thousand hours of study along with other requirements to complete the program and earn the designation. In the investment industry, it is the professional standard of choice. To learn more about the CFA® charter, visit www.cfainstitute.org.

Thriving in diverse environments.

Why the Stonecrop name?

A stonecrop is an attractive, hardy, and enduring plant growing on a solid foundation.

‘Stonecrop’ is the common name for a large group of flowering succulent plants (also called sedums) that thrive in challenging environments. Typically, they’re found growing on rocks, hence the name. Stonecrops are hardy, in part, because of their water-storing leaves.

As advisors, we are focused on always doing the right thing for our clients. We guide our clients through their individual financial journey. Planning their specific path then helping them navigate their way.

We serve individuals & families as well as non-profit organizations.

Weekly insights

MacGray Matter Emails

Receive timely, relevant, weekly insights from Doug MacGray and the Stonecrop team.

Weekly email MacGray Matter sheds light and offers perspective on many financially-relevant topics:

  • Up-to-date market commentary
  • How current events may be effecting financial markets
  • Interesting evaluation of market segments
  • Globally significant news stories effecting life, culture and financial markets

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