Top 5 Books to Learn More About Faith-Based Investing

Faith-based investing is a popular strategy to grow investments while also remaining true to your values, beliefs, and faith. As the Bible states, “Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed.” (Proverbs 16:3). God brings success to those who commit their work and investment decisions to Him. For anyone looking to learn more about faith-based investing and making wiser investment choices, here are five books that offer insight and knowledge on the subject:

1. Faith Driven Investing Curriculum from Denver Institute
The Denver Institute for Faith and Work and the Christian Investment Forum have developed this free resource to encourage conversations around faith-based investing.

Financial advisors struggle to keep up with the latest trends, grow their network of clients, and integrate their faith with their work. Balancing clients goals, a competitive return, and Christian principles of investing often feels like a juggling act.

We understand the weight of wanting to make a positive impact for your clients and the uncertainty of knowing where to start.

“Faith-Based Investing” is a free e-book from Denver Institute for Faith & Work and Christian Investment Forum. Through practical guidance and a philosophical approach to investing, advisors can learn the best practices to both their client’s goals and the common good.

2. Faith Driven Investing: Every Investment Has an Impact–What’s Yours? – Henry Kaestner
There is a growing community of believers experiencing God’s movement who are now focused on investing in human flourishing and driving capital into projects that stand for something meaningful. The Faith Driven Investing book collects the words of this movement, and will inspire readers to join like-minded professionals on this journey.

You can choose where you live, serve, learn, and give. What about where you invest? What if you could align your investments with God’s heart? Imagine the impact that you could have.

As Christians, we seek to make God a part of every decision that we make―the way we parent, lead, serve, and spend. But what if God has a purpose and plan for the investing dreams that he has given you? A community of ministries, businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, and fund managers have all experienced God awakening a movement, and it’s bigger than simply avoiding “sin stocks.” This movement is all about investing in human flourishing and driving capital into initiatives that stand for something significant. Faith Driven Investing defines this movement and helps you envision how your capital can grow and fund God’s purposes in this world.

3. Investing and Faith: The Impact of Faith-Based Investing – Steve French
Steve French redefines the concept of Faith-Based Investing and provides insight into how we should invest the resources God has given us.

Do your investments align with your values? Alignment of values is increasingly in focus. You’ve seen it, for instance, when advertisers withdraw their support from a celebrity. But what about Christians and their investment portfolios? Do their investments support their underlying faith values?In the past, Faith-Based Investing (FBI) was not always looked upon positively, whether because of a perception of poor performance or the limits of uncertain capabilities. But this is a new day. Analytics have advanced, and outcomes demonstrate that it’s possible to have great financial performance and investments that align with faith-based values.

4. Kingdom Gains: What Every Christian Should Know Before Investing – Dwight L Short
Kingdom Gains is a book that offers insight and guidance to Christian readers on faith-based investing with the knowledge they need to make informed financial decisions.

God owns it all! But you have been called to be HIS portfolio manager! In the complex world of finance that we experience today, Christian Financial Adviser and author, Dwight Short, CIMA, explains how investors, advisers, and clergy can respond to this challenge. In Kingdom Gains, you will find both practical and theological points to help you bridge the gap between the gains in your portfolio and spiritual growth as well. Does God really care how we make money? If it matters to God, should it matter to you? Most believers have not wrestled with this question and the author of Kingdom Gains confesses to not having dealt with it for a long time either. You will find a guilt free challenge to examine your investing habits and take it to the Lord in prayer!

5. Investing with Integrity – Updated and Expanded – Loran Graham
Loran Graham dives into topics such as developing a biblical worldview of money, understanding investment options and strategies, and using financial resources in God-honoring ways.

Discover why honoring God with your investments matters. With grace and humility, Loran Graham takes us on a journey to demonstrate how biblically responsible investing fits into the bigger picture of biblical stewardship, and how our investment choices can be an act of worship.

Bonus Resource: The Bible
Oftentimes it is easy to overlook the Bible, but the Bible is God’s instruction manual for everything in our lives, including investing. Answers to the many questions we may have can all be found in the scripture. As such, it is important to not disregard His Word as it includes valuable information about how to steward our investments.

All these books have valuable insight and create the right mindset when learning how to invest faithfully. Whether you’re completely new to learning about faith-based investing or simply looking for ways to expand your knowledge of faith-based investing, these books will provide you with the information you’re looking for. If you would like to learn more about how you can start putting that knowledge into practice, contact Stonecrop at info@stonecropadvisors.com to get started. We look forward to hearing from you!


    Doug MacGray

  • DATE

    March 3, 2023


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