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Simplify your financial wellbeing and do more.

The challenge

Money can be complex, confusing and incites strong emotions. This may create a foggy and challenging decision-making setting for the management of assets that are critical to your security and joy. The result is often anxiety, procrastination and sub-optimal choices and behaviors.

How well are you using your financial resources to maximize your return on life?

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The outcome

Stonecrop objectively provides a voice to:

  1. Clarify and simplify what it could take to achieve your aspirations, and
  2. Provide effective coaching and facilitating to help get you there.

Our process

You collaborate with us in the creation of a financial plan which acts as the solid foundation for your path moving forward. Leaning on your plan, your decision-making is simplified and you gain greater clarity in how to achieve your goals.

You use tools we provide that allow you to more easily track how you’re doing so that in real time you can effectively adjust your behavior, habits and decisions accordingly.

We walk alongside you on your journey helping you to keep your financial plan up-to-date and relevant, execute the various matters that we believe need to be done to achieve your goals, and manage and guide your portfolio to effectively support your financial plan.

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